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Is your Breast Pump Covered by your Insurance?

Start by calling your insurance company. Because of the way the law is written, how the policy is carried out is left up to the insurance carrier. There may be variation from plan to plan.

You will most likely need a prescription from your health care provider to process a claim for a breast pump – possibly some medical records may need to be requested. Be sure that you have spoken to them about your decision to breast feed. Your insurance carrier will need these basic items on your prescription:

  1. It will need to state “Electric Breast Pump Purchase”
  2. Have a diagnosis related to the condition for which the pump is needed

At Joyful Addition we only provide single use purchase pumps. We do not provide hospital grade breast pumps or rentals.

We participate with many insurance providers. We are always adding to the list of providers we participate with – please contact us with your insurance provider information and we will let you know what your benefit is.

You may be able to choose your pump: You might be able to get a double electric breast pump through your insurance company, though some plans only cover manual or single electric. We have multiple choices for you at Joyful Addition and will be happy to provide your options.

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